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Leica Akademie Masterclass Review

Christmas 2014 and I was in Manilla for an Akademie Masterclass as part of a tour of SE Asia. One of the guests, Raul Echivarre, wrote an in depth review of the proceedings which I link to here because it will give you an excellent idea of what my workshop are all about. Thanks to […]


Leica SL (Type 601) – updated

Here it is, hot off the press, the totally new Leica SL. What does SL stand for? There are many theories but the one I like is that it’s not an SLR (because it’s got no mirror) so therefore it’s an SL. Regardless of the name, the spec sheet is impressive: 24MP ISO to 50000 Very […]


New Leica T lenses proving to be excellent.

  The new lenses for the T-System which were released at Photokina are exceeding all my expectations. They are both stunningly sharp, right into the corners and really extend the use of the camera. I’m using the touch screen auto focus, as well as the EVF, but I find that working off a tripod and being able […]

About Nick


Nick Rains is a full time professional photographer specialising in travel and documentary work. He is also a Master Photographer of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, the Leica Akademie Principal Instructor and conducts photography training all over the world.

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People like what we do!

“This was the best photography workshop I have ever been to…by miles.”

Peter Bourne

“I really blown away by the course. I was gobbed-smacked within the first hour of the workshop by Nick’s in-depth knowledge. “

Toby Nichols

“What can I say……thank you…..thank you for sharing your passion…thank you for sharing your knowledge…..and thank you for inspiring me to be a better photographer…”

Darren Devenish

“I think if you’d tried to tell me I’d come away having learned so much – and so much practical stuff that I could use right away – then I probably wouldn’t have believed you.”

Stuart Westmore

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