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Namibia Air-Safari 2018

  August 29 – September 8, 2018. A ten night, five star fly-in Safari around Namibia with Master of Photography Nick Rains.  Nick will guide your photography practice in the field and then be on hand in the lodges for workshop sessions and editing advice. The safari takes in the iconic sights of Namibia including […]

Aerial Australia

My new book is now in the shops or available by mail, signed, from this website. I’ll write a message in it as well if you want to send it as a gift to someone! 182 pages of full colour, case bound. Order Now!  

Photo Basics – Apertures

The aperture is a crucial component of photographic lenses. It’s an adjustable iris mechanism that can be a narrow hole or as wide as the inside of the lens allows. Why is it important? Well, if shutter speeds determine the length of time light shines on a camera’s sensor then the aperture controls the intensity […]

Six Things you might not know about Photography

(The following article was first published in Australian Photography magazine earlier this year).   Shutter speeds, apertures, focal lengths, camera brands, post processing tricks – these are all essential things to know about and understand, but, beyond the obvious, there are also plenty of aspects of modern photography that are not so well understood – […]

Cuba 2017

Join myself, Nick Rains, and my partner-in-photography, Christian Fletcher,  for a 9 night exploration of Havana and Trinidad on the Caribbean island of Cuba. The dates are October 16 – 25 2017. As with all my photography tours this is for a small group only – Christian and I take only 8 guests  – so with one instructor per four guests there is ample opportunity for […]

Leica Akademie Masterclass Review

Christmas 2014 and I was in Manilla for an Akademie Masterclass as part of a tour of SE Asia. One of the guests, Raul Echivarre, wrote an in depth review of the proceedings which I link to here because it will give you an excellent idea of what my workshop are all about. Thanks to […]

Leica SL (Type 601) – updated

Here it is, hot off the press, the totally new Leica SL. What does SL stand for? There are many theories but the one I like is that it’s not an SLR (because it’s got no mirror) so therefore it’s an SL. Regardless of the name, the spec sheet is impressive: 24MP ISO to 50000 Very […]

New Leica T lenses proving to be excellent.

  The new lenses for the T-System which were released at Photokina are exceeding all my expectations. They are both stunningly sharp, right into the corners and really extend the use of the camera. I’m using the touch screen auto focus, as well as the EVF, but I find that working off a tripod and being able […]

Namibia Workshop 2016

Fully Booked. Please email me to be added to the wait list – the departure date is a long way off so it is quite possible that a place will become available. Join Christian Fletcher and myself for 12 day safari through one of the world’s most photogenic locations – Namibia. We will be staying in […]

WD Passport Wireless

A new hard drive from WD just arrived – the new My Passport Wireless. I have the 1TB version and what struck me when I took it out of the box was its light weight. I expect any portable single disk HD will weigh much the same but nevertheless, I immediately noticed how modest in […]